Endorsed Candidates for City Council

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Bill Frost

Bill was born and raised in Essex in England. He came to Cincinnati as an Engineer in 1988, and became a citizen of the United States in 1995.

Bill's community volunteering started with re-organizing his street Blockwatch. He then became
VP of Safety for Pleasant Ridge Community Council, and then held the role of President for 5+ years. He remains the chair of the neighborhood Safety Committee.

The Pleasant Ridge community safety efforts included: the strengthening of the partnership with CPD, organizing and increasing the Community Blockwatch and strengthening COPP (Citizens on Patrol) and ‘Good Guys Loitering’ activities to complement CPD efforts. This partnership and activity have contributed to Pleasant Ridge being one of the large city neighborhoods with lower crime rates. This in turn has helped the Business District thrive, and the residential streets safety has significantly improved.

Bill believes that the best solution to the city’s problems come from a dedication to doing what is best for the city, no matter who comes up with the solution.

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Jim Tarbell

Jim Tarbell attended Walnut Hills and Withrow High Schools and graduated from the Lowell Technological Institute in Lowell, MA.

Back in Cincinnati, he opened the Ludlow Garage concert venue from 1969-1971 and owned and operated Arnold’s Bar & Grill until 1998. When Charter Councilwoman Bobbie Sterne retired in 1998, Jim replaced her on the City Council. He was re-elected 2001-2005 when he served as Vice Mayor. He was term limited in 2007.


Often called Mr. Cincinnati, Jim has served on the Charter Committee Board of Trustees since 2007. He is running to “get Cincinnati back on track,” true to the Council-Manager, professional City Manager form of government.

If you are interested in running for city council and would like our endorsement, please print and fill out our questionnaire and mail it back to us.

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