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The Charter Committee bestows this award to honor the memory of Charlie Taft, the legendary Cincinnatian who exhibited gumption and courage during many years of service. This biennial award is given to individuals who work tirelessly for the good of our city and its citizens, often in the face of adversity and criticism.  


  • The nominees' civic service (paid or voluntary) should reflect Chas. P. Taft's devotion to good city government and his/her tenacious activity over the years in achieving high goals for all parts of the Cincinnati community;

  • The nominee must have made a significant contribution in the Cincinnati area and, in doing so, the Nominee must have displayed honesty, integrity and courage of his or her convictions.

  • The nominee must have been energetic, unselfish and untiring

  • The nominee must be widely regarded as a person of high ideals and goals, with a dedication to community good.


2022 Dr. O'dell M. Owens

2020 George P. Vincent

2018 Thane Maynard

2016 Marge Hammelrath
2014 Roxanne Qualls
2012  Alice Skirtz
2010  Rob Richardson Jr.

          Joe Sprengard 

          & Bobby Maly 
2008  Tommie Thompson
2006  Jack Rouse
2004  John Gilligan
2003  Alphonse Gerhardstein

2002  Brewster Rhoads
2000  Robert Brown
1996  Donald Spencer
1994  Jim Tarbell
1992  Judge Gilbert Bettman
1990  Charlene Ventura
1988  Bruce Petrie
1986  Bud Anderegg
1984  Lawrence Hawkins
1982  Ewart Simpkinson


The Charter Committee honors a member every other year alternating with the Civic Gumption Award 


      The following Charterites have been honored:

2017 Jerry Newfarmer
​2013  Marian Spencer
2011  Lynwood Battle
2009  Jim Tarbell
2007  Marilyn Ormsbee
2005  Chuck Judd
2004  Margie Rauh
2002  Bob & Ruth Conway  


2000  Jo Joseph

1998  Bobbie Sterne

1996  Janet Hoffheimer

1994  Ted & Johnie Mae Berry

1992  Harris Weston

1990  Robert Hilton

1987  Morse Johnson

1985  Leonard Sive 

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