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The Charter Committee ended political corruption in Cincinnati 100 Years ago. 
We can do it again today!  The Charter Platform and our endorsed candidates will end the partisan political corruption that has taken hold in City Hall.


  • Return to a fully functioning Council-Manager City Government run by a professional City Manager hired by and reporting to the FULL City Council and Mayor.

  • Change the method of political appointments for Council vacancies to limit political party influence.

  • Base appointments to the City’s Boards and Commissions on qualifications, not patronage. Such appointments 
    should be vetted by a “Board Commission” which would include neighborhood leadership.

  • Limit Council use of theEmergency Ordinance procedure to its original intent – actual emergencies.


  • Implement a transparent City Manager led budget process with a minimum 60-day review period.

  • Require all campaign contributions be disclosed prior
    to Council voting on any development project, contract, or appointment to independent Boards.

  • Revamp the Development process. Give Council Members adequate time to review all projects before
    a vote.

  • Increase transparency and accountability of all entities receiving public dollars and/or incentives from the City.

  • Council approval of all Labor contracts prior to a
    Union’s final vote on the contract.

  • City administration led review of shared government services to improve cost and efficiency.


  • Re-establish an effective Community Engagement Policy

  • Give more input and control of TIF funds to the neighborhoods.

  • Prioritize development that promotes and sustains neighborhoods, small businesses, diversity, inclusion,
    and affordable housing projects.

  • Require neighborhood involvement for all traffic and streetscape improvements.

  • Create a shared services agenda and settle a new MSD agreement, replacing the 1968 agreement.

  • Continue to modernize all safety department procedures and strengthen the Community and City Administration's commitment to the Police Collaborative Agreement.


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